Meeting Our Gente Where They’re At To Build a Better Future

El Que Busca Encuentra: Safely connecting with our gente in-person in North Carolina, providing free masks & making voter registration accessible.


NC Mijente


August 15, 2020

We know that our gente are suffering. One of the first things we did as a team was create a bilingual COVID-19 NC resource guide so that our communities could have quick access to resources and have it in Spanish. As cases keep increasing across the state for Latinxs, it will take so much more political courage to address the immense impact on our community. That’s why we’re pushing for more by registering as many Latinxs to vote as we can. This November, we are voting for real change so that everyone affected by COVID-19 gets the care they deserve. 

And we’re keeping that focus by making it accessible to register to vote. With strong safety protocols in place -- we’re standing outside peluquerias and apartment complexes bringing our gente critical information on resources. We’re at Compare Foods y La Pulga de la 85 with masks and face shields - registering our gente to vote and distributing free masks. 

We started the pandemic crisis organizing from home because that was the safest option at the time. Now, with cases rising, a President who refuses to address it, and too many elected leaders who don’t listen, we know that we can’t wait for anyone to come save us. We have to do it ourselves by directly and safely engaging with our gente and making sure that we have a fighting chance to make changes to the laws that affect all of us, con y sin papeles. 

At a time when many groups have given up on voter registration, and when many others aren’t even thinking about the poder of Latinxs in NC, we’re committed to showing up for our gente. 

The future of our gente depends on the actions we take now -- and we won’t give up.