La cura

Decolonizing Latinx Health and Reclaiming Traditional Healing

La Cura will take you on a journey that centers Latinx healing and wellbeing.  We will explore what healing is, the possibilities for for it, and engage in conversation with thought leaders, historians, spiritual sages, trauma informed healers, traditional and western medicine practitioners and many more.

La cura podcast

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Community Care Series: Remedios & Reflections

Listen to our final episode of our Ofrendas series for Season two with these beautiful freedom fighter, healers, historians. They bring us a full episode of medicine through poetry, reflection and traditional remedios for our physical and spiritual nourishment.

Jesus Villa is a Phoenix based curandero and activist.  

Dulce Juarez is a Phoenix based yoga practitioner, envirionmental justice organizer and traditional healer. You can follow her on IG @dulceperopicosa

Manuel Criollo is a scholar, historian and long time racial and economic justice organizer based in New Mexico. You can follow him on Twitter @redpipil

Irlanda "Landis" Pulido is a long time activist and healer.  She currently lives in Los Angeles. You can follow her on IG at @landeh

Xochitcoatl Bello is two spirit indigequeer feminista, brujita, abolitionista, mexica, angelina, artivist, birthkeeper, truthteller + plant mamá. She currently lives in Oregon.   Follow her on IG @lamalayerbalove and learn more about her work at

Please share this practice with others!  This offering is part of La Cura’s Community Care Series which will include community organizers, artists, healers and leaders sharing their grounding practices and rituals with us as a way of building resilience together in this challenging moment globally.

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meet the team

Francisca Porchas Coronado

Francisca Porchas Coronado is a Mexican immigrant, Chicana, Latinx, feminist, and anti-racist organizer with over 15 years of organizing experience. Francisca has worked on issues of civil rights, environmental and climate justice, criminalization, and immigration at the intersection of race and class at a local and national level.  As former Organizing Director of Puente Human Rights Movement in Phoenix she has been one of the leading voices against deportations of migrants in the country. Her work is rooted in the belief that low income people of color, especially Black and Latinx communities have the power to transform themselves, each other and their communities.    

As the recipient of the 2017 Nathan Cummings Foundation Fellowship, Francisca founded Healing in Resistance, a wellness project that centers the healing of Latinx migrant peoples on the frontlines of the fight for migrant rights.  Francisca is the founder and national coordinator of Latinx Therapists in Action, a growing network linking Latinx therapists of color to frontline migrant rights organizations working in Latinx communities in need of mental health services. She has been initiated into the ancient, indigenous Yoruba tradition of IFA for over a decade and is currently a priestess in training.


Lucia currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona. In 2017, she founded La Raiz Design and Multimedia which is a collaborative space focused on collaborations with movement builders, artists, and organizers through media and design.  

In 2013, Lucia joined grassroots organizing spaces as a student organizer and artist. She later became politically involved with Mijente, and Phoenix grassroots organization, Puente Arizona.  In early 2016, she joined Puente's team as their communications director for five years. Now starting 2020 she is a full-time consultant for national and local campaigns, local businesses, and healing/transformative projects that support an anti-capitalist and pro-pueblo agenda for our collective liberation.

Lourdes E. Hernández-Rivera

Lourdes E. Hernández-Rivera comes from a working class, multiracial family in Puerto Rico. She is passionate about activism, beekeeping, traveling, human relations, system change, and beauty in general. She is also a co-founder of the community healing project Caminando la Utopía, an initiative that seeks to confront with dignity and rebellion the critical circumstances the colony she lives in is facing.

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