NC Latinxs are being hit hard with COVID-19, so we made a Resource Guide

While COVID-19 is disproportionately affecting Latinxs in North Carolina, access to quick access to resources & support in Spanish are still hard to find.


NC Mijente


July 16, 2020

There are many factors that lead up to the fact that our gente have now become the largest group minorities getting the COVID-19 virus in North Carolina. Here in NC, many of our gente have been given “Essential Worker” status and continue to work in places where it is hard to practice the protective measures that keep a person safe from getting the virus. NC Latinxs are 4 times more likely to get COVID and in some counties like Durham and Forsyth, Latinxs make up more than 60% of the cases.  

We know that our gente are essential but they are being treated like they’re expendable. From the beginning of the pandemic, we knew that we would have to provide specific support to Latinxs, so we curated a NC-specific resource guide for our community. 

Recent headlines in the media covering Latinx COVID-19 cases in North Carolina

The people in positions of power aren't caring for our gente, so we're showing them we got us.

This resource guide is one way to get information easily, and in a way that is more accessible to our mainly Spanish speaking community members. The guide is in English and Spanish and has links to websites, email addresses, and phone numbers North Carolinians can use to receive information on specific resources and offerings.

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