Why Do We Need a Voter Registration Guide in NC?

Because online voter registration is inaccesible and complicated in North Carolina, the NC Mijente team created a Paso a Paso in English and Spanish.


NC Mijente


July 14, 2020

The right to vote for our leaders is one key element that makes this country a democracy. So you would think the steps that lead up to voting would be simple and easy to get, right? Unfortunately for North Carolina, and many other states, that’s not the case.

There are many voter suppression tricks that happen state to state, and many times it starts just with making information inaccessible or hard to understand. Even when they tried to make it easier to register to vote by creating an online system they made many decisions that are confusing (to say the least).  

So here’s where we come in with some key things you should know: 
  • You do not have to pay to register to vote. Even though you start on the NC DMV payments website, you will not be charged anything to register. 
  • The registration is in a chat box style. This means you have to go step by step on the site and it won’t pre-fill through any other online forms. 
  • The NC online voter registration process is only available in English
  • If you don’t have an NC ID or NC driver’s license, you cannot do online voter registration. 

With all that, that’s why we are here for you! You can fill out your info on our online form to receive your pre-filled voter registration form & prepaid envelope in the mail -- then you just have to sign and send! 

With over 200,000 Latinxs eligible but unregistered to vote in North Carolina, we know that we can make BIG changes in our state and local communities. We want to vote in leaders who actually represent us and who are accountable to the things that our gente want and need. En este tiempo, where our gente are facing constant issues with COVID-19 and more, we are committed to making sure that our voices are heard and our votes are counted in November 2020.

But FIRST we need to get everyone ready and registered. We decided to take things into our own hands and our NC Mijente team created a Paso a Paso guide in Spanish and in English. This way you can follow along and complete the online and by mail voter registration process. To check them out, click here: Spanish Version Here and English Version Here

Donde hay gana, hay maña.

It’s an uphill battle, but we’ve decided to take it on. If you want to know more about getting involved, check out our events and join our efforts! Voting is just ONE way that we’ll make our voices heard, so we’re starting there. We’re letting them know -- aquí estamos y no nos vamos!