Courage Meditation with Dr. Monika L. Son

Dr. Monika L. Son gifts us a courage and compassion meditation for this week's Ofrenda. A native New York Afro-Dominicana born to immigrant parents, educator/scholar/healer/activist,  Monika actively integrates healing into teaching and learning spaces in higher education, particularly for BIPOC communities. Her passion lies in  building and growing transformative curriculum for students, faculty and educators through an embodied, anti-oppressive and inclusive, trauma informed, social justice lens.

Please share this practice with others!  This offering is part of La Cura’s Community Care Series which will include community organizers, artists, healers and leaders sharing their grounding practices and rituals with us as a way of building resilience together in this challenging moment globally.

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La Cura


April 17, 2020

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