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No vengo porque puedo, porque PUEDO vengo.

Somos más, let's vote like it. There are over 200,000 Latinxs who are eligible to vote and aren’t registered in North Carolina. Let’s change that.


Voting and organizing nuestra gente. Through voting we will make our voices heard all across North Carolina, and through organizing we develop the leadership and collective power of our people.
This is more than a political battle. Somos más que un voto or one of the fastest growing communities. We owe it to ourselves to get louder on all fronts - from the ballot box and government, to the streets and on social media, to every corner in the country. 

And right now, we’re asking you to make moves with us by registering to vote and by joining our NC team to help us register thousands more to create political poder in NC that represents NOSOTRXS.


NC Latinxs deserve a seat at the table, and one way is voting. Fill out the boxes to register and you’ll receive a pre-filled form in the mail - and then all you have to do is sign and mail.

Paso a Paso

It’s not always easy to register, so we made a guide for North Carolina! Follow these steps, and you’ll be on your way. Need more help? Go to our calendar to find a time with an NC Mijente organizer.


We are pro-black, pro-indigena, pro-worker, pro-mujer, pro-queer, and pro-migrant because we hold all of those identities, and because our unity against shared oppressions is central to our vision for change. Mijente stands with all Black communities across the country who denounce the injustice of state-sanctioned murder of Black people by the police.

As Latinxs we must take action now, correctly and powerfully. This moment demands we be able to model what it means to be pro-Black. Our task is to fight together, shoulder to shoulder. We’re committed to combating anti-Blackness in ourselves and our communities, and to taking concrete measures to defend Black lives.

Join our lucha online or in person. Take a look at our calendar to attend a NC event.

Want more? Join our political casita and become a member.


As COVID-19 cases go up for Latinxs in NC, we know our gente are suffering. Our NC Team has put together a list of resources from across the state into one document for easier access.